About Me

I am Orhun and I have a passion for Biohacking, Meditation, and enhancing health and spirituality. I founded the website “innerfuel.net” with the aim of assisting people in reaching their optimum level of mental and emotional well-being. The content on my website is unique, genuine, and valuable for those looking to enhance their personal growth.

In addition, I blend spiritual knowledge such as Taoism and Sufism to offer a comprehensive approach to wellness. I firmly believe that optimizing sleep through specific techniques is a crucial aspect of spiritual health, which is intertwined with mental health. That’s why I advocate for adopting the sleep strategies I share. For those who desire advanced information, I provide a premium membership to upgrade your “inner fuel.”

What’s my job? Who I’m?

  • Interested in philosophy for over 10 years and graduated in sociology.
  • Implementing biohacks techniques, such as Cold Showers, Melatonin Optimizing, Breathing, Meditation, etc.
  • Practicing meditation for over 4 years and Wim Hof Breathing Methods.
  • Engaged in Taoist and East philosophy for over three years.
  • Former employee of a big nutrition and supplements company and was the best vitamin seller.
  • Achieved the martial art “Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Blue Belt” in Nest Combat.
  • Skilled in SEO semantic content writing and working in Digital Marketing and SEO Specializations.

What Courses have I Fınıshed?

  • Biohacking Your Brain’s Health – Emory University
  • Science of Exercise – the University of Colorado Boulder
  • The Addicted Brain – Emory University

Mail: orhunonurtaspinar@gmail.com

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