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What if you had a brain that was designed to start fresh every morning, could change and grow constantly, would rewire itself with anything you told it, always got rid of the limits other people placed on it, and was capable of talents and skills you thought only other people had and would continue to grow and evolve throughout your lifetime?

Imagine having that brain. That’s yours or might be. However, before starting, we should know those bullet points:

  1. You should never underestimate the power of positive programming. You can do it through hypnosis, meditation, or repetitive habits and behaviors.
  2. Every message you got was recorded in your brain from the minute you were born. Every impression you had — everything you heard, saw, experienced, idea, and communication you got from any source – was stored in your brain. The frequently repeated and recorded messages develop neural pathways and networks in your brain. These brain pathways and networks are referred to as programs.
  3. They showed us more programming on what we couldn’t do than shows about what we could achieve or become. This is true whether you are currently a high achiever or have yet to realize your full potential. Fortunately, because of your neuroplastic brain, your brain change, arrange, and create new cells.
  4. The part of your brain that stores all the messages you tell daily will listen to anything you say, especially before sleep or during theta brain waves state. The part of your brain that stores information doesn’t know if what you’re telling is true or false, right or wrong, good or bad. It just stores it, and if the same message is repeated often enough, the brain wires it in and acts on it as if it were true.
  5. To increase neurogenesis, you rewire your brain with supplements, exercises, coffee, deep sleep, and other things. 

In this article, we will discover Reprogram Your Brain With Repetition And Neuroplasticity and other important information that might helpful

Are Our Brain Stop Growing? Human Brain, Brain Function, and Neuron

new brain cells

For generations, they thought the brain was largely unchanging after its first growing stage during human childhood. (Scientists now know that the brain continues to develop new neurons throughout an individual’s lifespan.) 

Though we now know better, scientists were also convinced that a person’s genes controlled the architecture of the brain and that the brain, in turn, controlled how each individual thought, how intelligent they would be, and, most importantly, what inborn and lifelong qualities they would or would not possess.

There’s a strong possibility you’re smarter than you think. Or, at the very least, you could be if you wanted to. In a few years, we won’t even recognize the traditional IQ tests we used to rely on. (How can a single test, possibly taken just once in your childhood, effectively describe the intellect of a brain that evolves continually and rewires itself every day of a person’s life?)

If, as we now know, your brain evolves in response to the information you give it, it stands to reason that if you give it the proper, fresh input, your competent or useable IQ will rise with it. 

At the very least, your capacity to apply your intellect more efficiently and effectively will improve. 

Remember that the new realization that a limited IQ is not genetically pre-programmed into you provides you with an incredible chance to reset your good intellect. Brain researchers and personal development coaches are now developing brain training activities that alter the brain’s neuronal structure.

As this kind of training advances, it will allow anybody who wants to become more capable, alert, and in touch with everything around them.

Neural Pathways are Created by Repetition,

Repetition, Repetition

In simplest terms, what’s happening in the brain is that each message you send to it repeatedly creates a new neural pathway or strengthens an existing one. When your brain gets a new message, it will first do a quick search to see how that message fits with other information it already has. If it’s a new message, your brain will store it, at least for a while.

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Then, if you keep hearing that same message, your brain will start to make a new path for those nerve cells. You could say that this is like building roads. With enough repetition, over time and in the brain, pathways become roads, roads become highways, and highways become superhighways.

Now, imagine that those paths, roads, highways, and superhighways are your beliefs, attitudes, and opinions about everything you have written down in your neural networks. Your beliefs, attitudes, and opinions were all made by the same process in your brain that builds pathways.

The brain is designed to make those pathways, roads, and highways, whether or not the messages that made them were true. They become “true” in your mind because, over time, your brain has built a road, or a program, that is so strong that you now think it is true.

Good news: The Brain Can Change.

One of the first things you notice when you become completely conscious of your programming is the quantity of programming you receive from the rest of the world.

Your brain’s neuroplasticity does not automatically distinguish between excellent, well-chosen programs from sources you pick and entirely random programs from everyone and everything else around you. Those programs, as well as the huge quantity of programs you didn’t request or aren’t even aware of, rewire your brain. The trouble is that they wire your brain with all the incorrect programs.

Imagine supposing every program you received had to be entered into a portable computer keyboard hooked directly into your head. In this example, your keyboard represents your five senses. Right?

You may choose what goes into your keyboard alone and in command of the input. When you go out into the world, though, the world types anything it wants into your computer.

It’s as if you lifted your keyboard and said,” “Here we go world. This is my keyboard. Enter anything you wish.

You can program whatever you want into my head.” That is precisely what the world around you does.

Tools For Reprogram Your Brain, and Stimulation Neurotransmitters

1. Maintain Healthier Brain Waves.

According to studies, knowing how to shift your brain waves from the alert beta waves to the more relaxed alpha or theta waves has several advantages. Traditionally, biofeedback or meditation has been used to accomplish this.

Studies with an electroencephalograph (EEG) have shown that the best philosophers, thinkers, inventors, and artists use both sides of their brains at the same time.

Meditation works to keep the two sides of the brain in balance, forcing them to work together. Scientists call this “whole brain synchronization,” When it happens, your brain’s blood flow and chemistry(Serotonin, GABA, Glutamate, Oxytocin) change in ways that are very good for you.

However, biofeedback equipment is expensive, and intensive training is needed for meditation. Conversely, lowering brain waves is simple by doing meditation and progressive muscle relaxation or hypnosis. Simple activity and repetition rapidly relax and stabilize the brain waves.

2. Manage Your Stress, and Lower Cortisol

You’ll feel very relaxed using stress relief techniques such as progressive muscle relaxation, mindfulness meditation, or adaptogens. Since most of us are always stressed, this is a crucial advantage in lowering our stress levels. 

Chronic stress severely damages the body, and physical and mental illnesses may develop. Your body’s parasympathetic nervous system has a chance to restore healthy homeostasis while you practice meditation and breathing techniques.

For better adaptation to the stress, implement your life Wim Hof Breathing Methods, Cold Showers, and Intermittent Fasting to strengthen your body, resist hunger, and more. 

3. Daily Exercise For Your Brain, Mood, and Energy

Exercise is one of the important assets you can do to stress your cells and make them stronger, even though it’s crucial to lessen psychological stress so you can sleep and perform better. 


Although exercise enhances mitochondrial health, we still don’t fully understand all of the fascinating relationships between exercise and mitophagy (the death of unhealthy mitochondria), neurogenesis (the growth of new neurons), and mitogenesis (growing new mitochondria). 

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One of the greatest methods to promote the production of PGC-1 alpha, a crucial protein that aids in mitogenesis and metabolic regulation, is via exercise.

Note: Cold thermogenesis contributes to the formation of new mitochondria by stimulating PCG-1 alpha production.)

Like with sleep, though, the quality of your exercise is more important than the amount; adding a few more minutes on the treadmill won’t cut it. This protein can only be released during high-intensity interval training (HIIT).

In the hippocampus, where neurogenesis occurs, a portion of this protein boosts brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) blood levels. One of the most crucial components in your body for neurogenesis is a protein called BDNF, which promotes the formation and differentiation of new neurons. 

Dr. John J. Ratey, a professor at Harvard University, coined the phrase “Miracle-Gro for the brain” to describe BDNF in 2008. In a lab setting, BDNF treatment causes neurons to spontaneously develop new dendrites that support learning. 

Because BDNF promotes neurogenesis, neuroprotection, neuroregeneration, cell survival, synaptic plasticity, and the development and retention of new memories, it is one of my main objectives for biohacking.,

Lastly, exercise promotes the survival of your strongest mitochondria and makes you healthier. This is because exercise suppresses the mTOR protein, which aids your body in eliminating unhealthy or damaged mutant cells by killing them through autophagy.

4-. Make The Whole Brain Active.

No matter how intellectually demanding your movements are, moving your body will stimulate your brain in ways that passive activities cannot. Why? Since your brain is related to every part of your body, moving causes your brain to be stimulated in many different ways.

For example, Self-defence, such as Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, can stimulate the body and brain through complex movement and problem-solving skills. ( Escape skills, techniques, become calmer while trapped)

In particular, the brain stem may establish bodily equilibrium in ways that the prefrontal cortex’s stress-inducing beliefs could otherwise thwart.

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Grey Matter is Essential

Grey matter is a term used in neuroscience to refer to the cerebral cortex, the brain’s outer layer covering the surface of both hemispheres.

The importance of grey matter has been highlighted recently due to its relation to cognitive functions and intelligence. (source)

The brain is divided into two hemispheres, each with its own set of grey matter. The left hemisphere controls language and speech, while the right controls spatial reasoning and logic.

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6. Restore your body’s natural state of energy.

In China, the body’s health is correlated with the movement of the life force. Through meridians, which are conduits in the body, this energy, also known as M or chi, travels. Pain or illness comes from a blockage of these meridians.

A typical cause of energy obstruction is tension in the muscles. By assisting in releasing stress that restricts the body’s ability to receive Qİ energy, you can do Qigong and Microcosmic Orbit Meditation for balancing Chi.

Maintaining stable blood sugar levels is another way adequate sleep influences energy levels. Consistently getting poor sleep results in a 40% reduction in blood sugar management.

In other words, a prolonged period of poor sleep causes your body to become insulin resistant and less effective at producing and using energy. You’ve undoubtedly personally experienced this in the form of mood swings and cravings for carbs after an all-nighter or a lousy night of sleep.

7. Increase yourself – and universal consciousness.

This training approach is ultimately for your personal development. This entails exploring your innermost self to go beyond your finite sense of self and into something far greater.

By calming the thinking mind, meditation enables you to connect with the larger rhythm and flow of the cosmos as a whole, if only briefly.

You can improve universal consciousness by connecting reading philosophy such as Lao Tzu, Socrates, and Rumi. ( The list can go beyond.)

For example, Rumi was a poet, Eastern philosopher, and lover. His philosophy is as progressive as it is encompassing. Although some say he was an atheist, others say he’s a mystic figure. But he was not a religious leader. Rumi believed passionately in using music, poetry, and dance as a path to reach God. It was from these ideas that the practice of whirling Dervishes developed into a ritual form. In the Mevlevi tradition, worship “represents a mystical journey of spiritual ascent through mind and love to the Perfect One.

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Optimize Your Brain Magnesium Level In The Hippocampus

Dietary magnesium deficiency impairs hippocampus-dependent memories, which is important for our brain. So, Dietary magnesium is vital for the memory function of the hippocampus. (source)

It has been demonstrated that magnesium L-threonate has a high affinity for the brain and influences memory, learning, and cognitive function, and Magnesium significantly increases the levels of BDNF.

Nevertheless, the new study showed that other my favorite form, magnesium acetyl taurate, could help increase the number of magnesium levels in brain tissue more efficiently than other magnesium forms.

Also, A study found magnesium acetyl taurate is far more effective in increasing brain tissue magnesium levels than magnesium malate, magnesium oxide, and magnesium glycinate forms which are directly linked to lower anxiety symptoms in animals and improve learning and memory. (source)

Magnesium acetyl taurate contains taurine. The combination made it easier for magnesium to pass the blood-brain barrier. For better, you can combine the B6 vitamin to promote Mg absorption and cellular uptake and helps cross the blood-brain barrier.

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Additional Techniques to Sharpen Your Mind like as:

  • Self-Hypnosis: Hypnosis has been performed for centuries, but recent research shows it’s an excellent way to reduce stress, restrict negativity, and heal the trauma that may impair cognitive function and performance. Studies demonstrate hypnosis may increase focus and cure insomnia, chronic pain, headaches, IBS, addiction, and phobias. What Do You Experience During Hypnosis?
  • Ketosis: During fasting or carbohydrate restriction, the liver breaks down fatty acids to make ketone bodies, which feed our mitochondria better than sugar. Ketosis occurs when mitochondria use ketones to make ATP. Most cells contain many mitochondria. Many brain cells. Even a little increase in ATP generation is tremendous. It might be the difference between plodding along and feeling on fire.
  • Improve Gut Health: Research has shown that probiotics, whether single or multiple strains, improve cognitive function, making Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus strains the most plausible options.
  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy: According to some studies, just thinking about specific movements, such as tossing a ball or playing the piano, may alter the region of the brain that controls such motions. the motions in question (Pascual-Leone et al. 2005). Additionally, research demonstrates that psychotherapy alone may change (Linden 2006), with less activation in one region and more activation in others. Undoubtedly, the brain.
  • Nose Breathing: The most fundamental of all breathing strategies is to always breathe through your nose. Mouth breathing causes hyperventilation, which reduces tissue oxygenation. Mouth breathing also reduces CO2 levels in your body and your ability to filter harmful contaminants from the air. Mouth breathing can also raise your heart rate and blood pressure, which can cause lethargy and dizziness. (source) More oxygen in the cells and brain will help you get better.

According to Bruce Lipton, Making and listening to positive, present-tense voice recordings can help you reprogram your brain. For example, “I’m healthy” or “I’m loved”. The function of the mind is to create coherence between your beliefs and reality.


We live in a world of nonstop work, 24-hour television news, and more day-to-day demands and responsibilities than we were built to handle. Our thoughts are constantly bombarded with information.

Your brain is continuously getting signals from your surroundings, the foods you eat, and your habits. What you do in your free time; what you read; whether you play video games, whatever games you play, your interests – everything your brain can detect sends a message of some type. With each of your actions, consider if it is assisting you in programming your mind most healthily and beneficially possible.

Most of your brain’s programming and most of your decision-making —80% of it or more — is handled on autopilot by your silent controller —without you being aware!

I’m not proposing you transform everything you see, think, and do with your “mind time” overnight. However, if even a couple of your chosen activities are leading your thoughts and life in the wrong direction, it’s worth the work to re-evaluate — and then make the necessary change.

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