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Online SVG marketplace platforms are widely used today. Since each of these are different platforms, they can offer different products. If you want to reach quality products at affordable prices, Craftpi offers you both in one.

The platform, which has a user-friendly interior design, has a very rich content. If you wish, you can review the main page, or you can choose from the “category” section at the top of the page. Thus, you can quickly reach the results you are looking for by narrowing down. In general, you can find extensions such as: SVG, PSD, PNG, JPG DXF.

You can find and examine different products in each of them.

How to Download Craftpi Products?

So if you like a Craftpi product, how can you buy it? As the online SVG marketplace, Craftpi offers two solutions at this point. After the payment is made, an e-mail is sent to whatever e-mail you registered in the system. If you click on it you can see a downloadable file

Secondly, if you log into the account, you can still find a download link in the “Purchased” section. However, the products are digital and no physical product is sent to you. This is how you need to download it to get it.

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