Understanding Longevity Philosohopy: Why Do People Want To Live A Long Life?

Understanding Longevity Philosohopy Why do people want to live a very long life
There is nothing wrong with a desire to live a longer, healthier, and more experienced world.

People think: “What Are The Benefits Of Living Long Life If We Experience Ilness?,” Yes. You are right; when I said “longevity,” I didn’t mention “living sick” life.

Longevity is the holistic term that actually involves an improved and extended quality of life as well as being healthy. And That’s why Ancient Taoist knowledge attracts me.

Taoists have looked and functioned like they were at least 20 years younger, from ancient times to today. Taoist Master Mantak Chia says people may live 120 years. That way, they cultivate a positive environment, less pain, and a more passionate way of living. However, Living a healthier, stronger life not just helps us; it also helps society and our families.

What is the counteracting about that? “Why Do people don’t want to live a very long life?” because they are depressed and traumatized.

Living a healthy, strong, and energetic way is good for the human experience. Isn’t it? 

We already have a limited time here and will die sooner or later. Optimizing your biological age and philosophy is the key for us.

  • You are not greedy because you want to live a healthier, longer, and more optimal life. Actually, you are humble because you are investing in long-term strategies that sacrifice short-term rewards. (Alcohol, Excess Sugar, Even Drugs)
  • The healthier, stronger you are, the more you will help society, prevent illness, inspire others, and feel good. 
  • Living long and healthier life will help you gain more wisdom, understand more about life, spend more time with your family, and have more hobbies and experiences.  
  • Avoid cognitive distortion such as “you can’t control your biology” now, as we discover more and more about how cells work, aging, mitochondria, and telomeres. Growing evidence shows that we might even control our biology better way.
  • We are ten times more advantageous than our ancestors, especially in scientific knowledge, if we can use good strategies.

Is Living or Desiring Long Life is Bad Thing?

Society teaches us that “living a long life isn’t a good thing” because it is a greedy way of living. But I disagree.

Because Living a sick-centered and short life is far more dangerous than a “long life,” believe me.

People make excuses about their health or age because they think they don’t have control. Yes, certain parts of your health you can’t control yet, such as genetic factors (not now), accidents as well as injuries, might not be in your control. 

But it doesn’t mean ignoring what you can control and taking responsibility for your health and well-being, Such as Exercising, Fasting, Meditation, Daily gratitude, Cold Shower, Wim Hof Breathing, Qigong, and all other things you can use to optimize your biological age as well as well-being. 

Don’t Always Follow Your Physical Desire

Our brain tends to be “lazy” and loves the short-cut rewards such as pornography, smoking, drugs, as well as other types of entertainment.

The more you expose those things, the more you will experience addictions, and your reward system will become insensitive, and you will want more.

However, this kind of thing makes you a slave, and actually, you are not living your life; you are living your “habitual” life. Your habits live within you!

It would be best if you take control yourself. When you have an addiction, your brain actually shrinks, and your gray matter, which is responsible for most of the logical thoughts, emotions, and brain controls, starts to lower.

When you can’t control your mind, you will experience falling emotional strength, clarity, and exhaustion in your life.

Taking Control of Your Mental Health 

  • Read About East and West Philosophy, Epicurus, Rumi, Lao-Tzu, and others. 
  • Try to Implement Meditation: Daily 10 minutes for eight weeks is okay. A 2019 study in 72 adults showed mindfulness practice time was significantly associated with reduced IL-6 levels. (source)
  • Avoid Pornography:  One of the main reasons people tend to get addicted to porn movies is compulsively consuming their content – they cause a sensation of “euphoria” the brain receives by flooding it with dopamine. Our dopamine levels rise when we receive a visual sexual reward, but this causes us to seek novelty constantly. That’s why it’s important to remember that desensitization is not a good thing and should be avoided at all costs.
  • Optimize Biology With Fasting, Ketones, And Sleep: Fasting can help you give distance foods and you. This will power and increase ketones production, which helps to better cognition and well-being. 
  • Regular Exercise: One of the best methods for longevity and emotional well-being. In my experience, exercise should be enjoyable, not a duty. So, martial arts are great for this. 

Our biological life mostly depends on our energy level. If we deplete our energy from bad habits, sure we won’t have any energy to optimize the outside environment, our life, body, and soul.

If You Reach High Energy, You Will Enjoy Life And Want To “Live”

Now, if you can control your life and optimize all aspects, you want to live longer, right?

Because you wanted to stay here more! And gratitude for what you see or will see. 

You will experience more than ten or even 20 years in this world. You can travel, start a new language, make a new love, dance, kiss, rock-n-roll, or do whatever you want.

  • Living long-lived means disease-free, healthy and strong life. Not just “ill” life for a long time.
  • If you have some blockage about that, question yourself. “what kind of things do I experience now to don’t want to live longer?” because you might be depressed, anxious, fearful, or addiction some things which you might think you don’t have control over. 

Beat Your Depression, And Anxiety First

Forget about living longer; first, beat your anxiety and depression. Try cognitive behavioral therapy for that and observe yourself. 

People with anxiety might fear the future and be afraid of what things can’t control. 

You might also believe that: “I can’t control my health!” if it challenges your thoughts and starts to search about the people such as:

  • Mantak Chia
  • Wim Hof
  • Dr. Joseph Mercola
  • Dr. Mark Hyman

And other types of role models who have a healthy lifestyle. Some of them optimize their breathing, and some of them optimize their diet or more. Whatever you can optimize, optimize it. 

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Life Isn’t Just Exercise

Now, we are facing all guys and women wanted to be a strong and better shape.

This is great for emotional as well as physical health. However, don’t forget your deep-rooted coming from wise people. 

When you exercise your body, also exercise and feed your “mind” and “soul” by reading books. Eve, challenge yourself to read Dostoyevsky, right?

  • Without proper perspective and knowledge, you can’t holistically optimize yourself. Deep questions about nature, life, existence, and curiosity are the key.
  • Think deeply, but not doesn’t mean you should feel anxiety. I don’t say about your bills; think deeply and connect the wisdom coming from our ancestors. 
  • Simple ways to do it start with meditation, yoga, qigong, or other types of meditation. 

Living Long-Life Doesn’t Mean Expensive

Ohh, how can I buy those organic foods, vitamins, and other things to optimize my health? 

I know people like me can’t afford those “organic” or “grass-fed meat”; however, it doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it.

For example:

  • Wim Hof Breathing: The research shows that wim hof breathing can help lower pro-inflammatory IL-1beta, IL-6, and TNF alpha. These are important because they lead to protect your mitochondrial health.
  • Intermittent Fasting: The modest oxidative stress caused by Fasting is what triggers the production of protective sirtuin proteins. Yet, according to research, Fasting may increase these messengers, promoting mitochondrial biogenesis and improving mitochondrial function. Intermittent Fasting is actually free. For better, you can try Dry Fasting for further Detoxification. 
  • Cold Shower: A one-minute cold shower in the morning is generally enough to initiate cold thermogenesis. (Cold exposure also stimulates PCG-1 alpha production—this is how cold thermogenesis helps create new mitochondria.)Your body will become less inflammatory, your mitochondria will strengthen, and you may have an even better mood for the rest of the day.
  • Black Tea: Black tea, like coffee, is a popular beverage that contributes significantly to global polyphenol intake. High levels of polyphenol intake are associated with longevity, anti-aging, and mitochondrial health.

I wrote an article for that “Free Alternative For Optimizing Mitochondria, And Longevity”, and if you are interested, I would highly recommend it. 

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