Overcoming Anxiety During Fasting: A Guide to Finding Relief

Now, I will attempt to provide insight into “How to Deal with Anxiety during Fasting.” This article is based on my personal experience and research. Let’s examine it.

The Symptoms Of The Fasting Anxiety

Overcoming Anxiety During Fasting: A Guide to Finding Relief

This is more common the people than we imagine. This is happening because

  • Protein deprivation (Amino acids can help our neurotransmitters, and when we are Fasting state, we lose some of them)
  • Magnesium deficiency
  • Cortisol spike
  • Toxin Release

Especially the last part, “toxin release,” might be related to the “candida” die of symptoms or simply our body getting rid of some toxins through the detox process. Then you might feel slightly worsening anxiety.

Protein Deprivation Might Be Another Reason

We mostly experience those symptoms when we are deprivation amino acids, including tryptophan and others.

Confusion and disorientationDifficulty in thinking and focusing
Memory lossDecreased ability to recall information
Dizziness and headachesFeeling unsteady and experiencing headaches
SeizuresSudden, brief changes in behavior due to abnormal electrical activity in the brain
Numbness and tinglingLoss of sensation or feeling in fingers, toes, or other body parts
Poor coordinationDifficulty in coordinating movements
Depression and anxietyChanges in mood and behavior

So, fasting makes it worsening this symptom if you already have protein deprivation.

How Can We Solve That Issues?

The good news is that ketones can help reduce the breakdown of some amino acids during periods of fasting. However, it may take some time to fully adapt to using ketones for fuel. Your mitochondria and muscle cells may need more time to adjust.

That transformation needs to be done properly, and it’s possible you can lose some of the protein while that adaption ketones for fuel while fasting state. (which can trigger anxiety)

Okay, how can we minimize it?

Let’s dive into the solution or minimize that issue (protein breakdown),

  • Use MCT Oil and Bulletproof coffee for better ketone production and BHB
  • Use collagen in that combined with B complex.

This method helps your body adapt to ketones while minimizing protein and amino acid breakdown, and it promotes good amounts of protein in collagen.

Collagen has a low glycemic index and doesn’t activate mTOR as much as other proteins like whey. You can still gain benefits without losing insulin and detoxification levels (collagen supports glutathione production thanks to glycine).

This regimen also includes B vitamins, which create a calming effect and improve amino acid usage. B vitamins, like B1, B2, and B6, are essential for reducing anxiety. They not only support fat and protein digestion but also nourish your cells, setting you up for a calmer and brighter future.

Use L-Theanine

Yet, you might not use MCT oil or anything that might disturb your “autophagy” process. But, you might wonder anything else for reducing anxiety while Fasting. For that, I would suggest considering L-Theanine supplements.

Easy Solution: Wim Hof Breathing Techniques

Wim Hof Breathing can greatly help reduce anxiety by enhancing oxygen use and supporting a meditative state without losing the “detox” process.

If you’re a beginner, you can try Wim Hof Breathing while fasting. This method is much better for controlling anxiety than other approaches. Combining it with L-Theanine may offer additional support.

Don’t worry if you’re new to Wim Hof Breathing. Simply watch a guide and incorporate it into your daily life.

I’ve been doing Wim Hof Breathing sessions with over 60 deep breaths (not recommended for beginners), and it has significantly impacted my well-being, energy, and anxiety control. So, it’s advisable if you’re at an advanced level of Wim Hof Breathing (more than 40 power breaths).

Eat More Protein

When breaking your fast, it’s crucial to consume more protein than usual. I recommend a protein-rich diet when following a regular fasting protocol.

Protein is special because it can help reduce stress (cortisol levels), decrease hunger, and promote muscle growth and hormone secretion. So, if you experience anxiety during fasting, consider a high-protein diet.

Last Thoughts

Do not overuse Fasting methods, especially if you are new at. I suggest to you, do not periodically do intermittent fasting, instead make a “break” and enjoy to the high protein meals.

If you have any further question, you’re free to the connect to me.

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