Here: Violence Against Women and Their Abuse

1. Violence and abuse during friendship

This wave of violence occurs when a woman is in an emotional and personal relationship with a person and a man harms a woman during this relationship. This injury is physical, sexual, verbal or emotional and may occur when a woman is deeply in love with him. 

Verbal and emotional abuse can take the form of shouting, bullying, insulting a woman’s name, insulting a woman in front of friends and family, saying that she deserves to be harassed. Sometimes, after committing these harassments, the man tries to resolve his violation by giving gifts and promising to change his behavior.

Sexual abuse includes forcing a woman to have sex against her will or forcing her to have sex when she disagrees.

Examples of physical abuse include hitting, pushing, kicking, biting, throwing objects, suffocating, or any other form of aggressive behavior. Even forcing a woman to get pregnant against her will be a form of violence against women.

2. Violence against elderly women

Violence against older women occurs when the people they care for knowingly harm them physically, emotionally, verbally or financially. To the extent that they are harmed, ignoring the elderly, and their needs (such as depriving them of food and health care) is also violence.

The harassment and abuse of older women is much greater than the harassment of older men. This harassment can occur at home, in care centers, or in public places.

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3. Emotional and verbal abuse

Some people think that if women are not physically harmed, there would be no violence. While emotional and verbal violence can have as negative and serious consequences for women as short-term and long-term as the consequences of physical violence.

Some types of verbal and emotional violence include insulting, intimidating, isolating, trying to control, repeating jealous behaviors, depriving a woman of seeing friends and family, and trying to deprive her of a job or education. Prevent women from going to the doctor, threatening and making decisions for women.

Asking the woman to let the man know about all the things she has done during the day or to be in constant contact with her, asking her to give her her password on the phone, email and social networks, also to get angry with Other forms of emotional and verbal violence include:

  • Intimidation.
  • Controlling a woman’s financial situation.
  • Questioning how she spends her income.

4. Financial abuse of women

Financial abuse occurs when the wrongdoer tries to control the woman’s finances, control her and give her superiority. In such a situation, the wrongdoers control all the money and possessions of the woman and keep the woman’s financial information secret from her. Financial abuses usually follow physical abuses.

The financial abuse makes it impossible for her to break up with the victim, even though she is a victim of violence, because she is always afraid that she will not be able to support herself and her children on her own.

5. Harassment of Women

Harassment includes any unpleasant behavior or expression of lousy language towards women.

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Sexual harassment is also included in this category. It includes any contact or sexual misconduct at work, at home, or school. Sexual harassment also includes verbal behaviors. Both physical behaviors. These harassments are sometimes accompanied by hostile behaviors, insults, and aggressive behaviors.

Managers, colleagues, landlords, teachers or other students.

Some countries have outlawed this kind of harassment of women.

6. Trafficking in women

Trafficking in women is a form of slavery. In this case, women are forced or deceived to work in a dangerous and illegal environment or to have sex with others against their will. Traffickers force enslaved women to use drugs, imprison them, beat them, and keep them hungry so that they can be controlled and forced to work. Women and girls are the most victims of sex trafficking.

Traffickers also use threatening methods to abuse women. For example, they threaten to harm their families, report illegal immigrant women to the government for deportation, and obtain their passports or other identification documents. In addition to sexual exploitation, such women are used to working in farms, cleaning jobs, caring for children, and so on.

Other cases of violence against women and their abuse include legal discrimination inhumane sentences such as stoning, forced marriage, underage marriage, female genital mutilation, and child pregnancy.

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