Is Spiritualty For Loser? Let’s Delve Into.

This is a philosophical question, and you can’t easily label it. Yet, in this article, we will go deep into spirituality and depression, as well as the connection to the “loser” mindset.

Spirituality Isn’t Have a Proper Definition,

One thing I could say is that spirituality is a different phenomenon than any other subject. Why? Because you can’t calculate it the way it’s.

This is mostly “experimental” things rather than directly calculated, as well as the target itself doesn’t have a specific definition.

One can say “he or she is more spiritual” or not. Even spiritual community people who have “high” energy levels believed in “higher” spirituality, but it’s most cases, I might not like this.

People can have high energy, even healing power, but it doesn’t mean they have a high spiritual level. In fact, meditation, energy, chi, or other practice are only just a part of spirituality.

God does not take us at our word. He looks deep into our hearts.

Shams Tabrizi

Spirituality Not Just For “Wu-hu” or “Mystic” Things

This is a big part of the spiritual process. However, it’s not an “all” aspect. People who have a high interest in music, poetry, and science can also have high spiritual wisdom. That has been shown to us spirituality doesn’t define by “success.”

But, if so, why do some spiritual people tend to have a “depressed” or “crazy” state more than others, or even have financial problems or drug addicts?

Are you sure about this?

If you make this argument, then you should just “select” and “label” spiritual people and compare them. Just imagine if you have science-based, materialistic, and strong intellectual guys.

Then, when you like at the “depressed” state people, you’ll find out people who have dramatic family abuse tend to have more depressed in their later state.

However, labeling them into “traumatic family” people might not seem obvious; people are “known.”

When it comes to spiritual people, we tend more “select” them more and ask questions. However, depression isn’t directly related to spirituality, and it’s not related to success or winning.

Spiritual Ideas Not Might Motivate or Try To Motivate You


This might be a more accurate paradigm when it comes to “spirituality” and the connection between success. Because when you tend to focus on spirituality, you are actually working your “inner side”, yes. T

In this society, the inner investment side, philosophy, mystical things as well as exotic things don’t support business, sales, and marketing.

If you read business, you tend to have more “success” on your money side; this can convert into “money” or “success” in your business life.

If you focus on spirituality, you might or not (depend on) successful; however, in your inner work, there is not any “definition” people called it success. You are just cultivating yourself with higher orgasmic energy as well as enjoying life.

Hence, this is not about success; this is about different interests. What if the rules and success are determined by society’s only spiritual laws? Such as who has more meditative, tends to have the richest, and is most successful.

To be honest, society limits them; yes, you be a success, but you have limited. And most of the poetic people, spiritual and high wisdom in the cage. (i mean, doesn’t recognize)

Oh, I found Some Spiritual People Is More Unsuccessful, Depressed; why?

There is certain truth available there; yes, some people tend to cover their problems by avoiding the realm and their world responsibility; yes, it happens.

This is not because of spirituality; they wanted to cover something to ease their pain. Spiritual people, if they use that to cover their pain, then tend to have. If they do not use spirituality, then they will cover it with something else. They might be overexercising, overeating, drug abuse, or trying to the extreme support, or whatever they can.

So, this is not related to “spiritual” things.

Another reason why spiritual people tend to have more depressed and unsuccessful is that they are also working on their inner side, which is what most people do not want to look at.

They try affirmations, meditation, reading other realities, trying to understand people, energy protection, and other things. Also, most spiritual people tend to have more affected their energetic environments.

Even some people are too much sensitive and affected by 5G or wireless exposure, which triggered their anxiety.

They Change Their Paradigms, Such As Oneness, Or Philosophical Knowledge

You focus on business, how to earn money, and how to increase your sales.

Spritiaul people question existence, another realm, energy, lucid dreams, Sufism, and Buddism.

Then you called them; they seem crazy.

They spend their energy in order to make holistic, better meaning in their life. For sure, you’ll have and seem more successful in your realm and in society.

  • Practicing philosophy and questioning society doesn’t support by society
  • Philosophy and existential questions are limited by society, and people get bored
  • Introverted people tend to label themselves “weird” in our society.
  • Spiritual things, meditation, and other realms only focused on “help” for productivity from business people, and they ignored other philosophical meanings behind them.

Spiritual People More Existential Crysis Than Others

This is not because they have problems; this is because they stopped to believe what people believe.

How many people in your environment talk about after death, spiritual existence, energetic feelings, love, Sufism, Buddhism, Taoism, Epicurus, and other things?

Yet, spiritual people tend to focus on questions about “what’s the meaning behind them.” Normally, as a businessman, for sure you won’t focus on that question like philosophical people as well as spiritual people.

This creates an uncomfortable feeling in your EGO. Besides, their current motivation is not earning status; instead, feeling centered.

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What is The Point of Spirituality?

The points are determined by yourself; this is why it’s also related to mystical things.

Yes, if we say there is a point, then trying to reach it makes us successful; however, it might not point.

However, let’s answer it not philosophically, but more who target the analytics brain:

  • Makes you a better orgasm & Brain orgasm
  • Not related to small things
  • Understanding or looking at different views of life
  • Better creativity and art
  • They are more likely to accept people from different colors and styles
  • Authentic feelings
  • Being happy with yourself
  • Connection to earth more
  • Feeling energy around & Change it
  • Gratitude
  • Less Fearfull From Death

This creates a different kind of “orgasmic feeling” people spiritual people experience. I believe this is because there is a pineal gland stimulant in the brain when they practice meditation or orgasm techniques. However, I can’t say for sure because it’s not proven by society. (but the pineal gland itself, we’re pointing organ, so, if we are pointing it, we should respect biological knowledge because this that terms.)


How does spirituality affect mental health?

Unless you’re using it for ego or cover your trauma, I would say that faith and spirituality are actually great for the brain.

Some research shows that practicing “prayer” positively affects mood, as well as well-being.

Also, even Tai chi Ching, common spiritual practice from Taoists, help people with anxiety issues. Not for that, tons of studies showed that long-term meditation practice could help the gray matter, reduce inflammation, better prefrontal cortex activity, and inhibit amygdala activation as well as stress management skills.

There are also people who report sufism, such as reading Rumi, ibn arabi, shamz tabrisi can help to reduce their anxiety and feel more connected and even “loved.”

Fasting, on the other hand, is supported by spiritual individuals and religions. There are studies that support that regular meditation helps brain triggered “bdnf” protein which stimulates neurogenesis and helps anxiety.

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Now, I believe we greatly understand spirituality and common question about that. However, the meaning of success actually mostly comes from expectations from society, yet, society rules mostly supported some prototypes.

Spiritual people do not have to include those prototypes. However, some spiritual gurus might fit into society, such as Eckhart Tolle and Sadguruh. But, it doesn’t mean they are “better”; it means they have been accepted by society in a limited but positive way.

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