You Can Boost and Increase Your Testosterone Level

Boost and Triple Your Testosterone Level

Testosterone makes us men. Don’t be offensive; I’m talking about biological truth.

It is the most significant hormone in our body; it motivates us to become more strong as body, creates strength, and pushes us to win. Yes, this is the reason that men like competitions, racing, and other sport in that regard.

We evolve that superior culture knowledge by sociology, psychologand y, biology, but our Our primitive brain can be the same as our ancestors 3 million ago. However, now as we a discovered more about hormones and their effect on our Physical, Mental, and Emotional life, we have the power to make them works better through diet change and other strategies.

However, a high amount of testosterone in males is indirectly connected to several favorable characteristics as:

  • Lean muscle, 
  • Better sleep, 
  • Better orgasms, 
  • Improved sperm count, 
  • A decrease in stress, 
  • A healthier heart, 
  • Stronger bones and clearer skin, among many others.

Hormones are far stronger than any other vitamins and minerals because they are directly messengers our DNA, which stimulates enzymes, and functions more than any other vitamins can do.

The problem is that we are facing low testosterone levels, especially this day. You can check just around you next time \ you’re out and note how many men exhibit some of these symptoms:

  • Bad posture
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Low-Self Esteem
  • Libido Problems
  • Overweight
  • Bad Posture
  • Muscle Loss

Does any of these things sound familiar? They’re all symptoms of low testosterone levels. This happens because of Melatonin problems (sleep deficiency), excess Omega-6 as well as inflammation, lack of healthy fats and proteins, and zinc and copper deficiency.  

In this article, we will discuss how to optimize testosterone and the factors that affect low testosterone levels.

Where Does Testosterone Come From?

You probably already know where testosterone is made before you start reading this. You would be around 80% right if you guessed the testicles. 

The majority of testosterone is produced in the testicles, with the adrenal glands on top of the kidneys producing the remaining 5 percent.

Why is this important to know?

Because it helps you to make connections between this part and the strategies you will employ to raise your Test levels, it is crucial to understand how and where testosterone is produced. Besides that, different types of Testosterone you can measure.

Different Types of Testosterone

  • Free Testosterone: The little portion of your total testosterone concentration that is “free,” or not bound to any proteins, is known as free testosterone. Your free testosterone levels may drop as you get older, or they may be low because of several medical conditions. Unfortunately, the body doesn’t create a lot of it. Your body normally produces less than 5% free testosterone, which you may dramatically enhance with the right techniques.
  • SHBG-Bound Testosterone: SHBG regulates how much testosterone your body tissues can utilize. Men who have too little testosterone or too much testosterone might have issues.
  • Albumin-Bound Testosterone: Albumin-bound testosterone’s role is to monitor and control cellular fluid volumes. Ideally, you want to increase your body’s free testosterone. You can accomplish this by increasing free testosterone production, decreasing SHBG production, and converting albumin-bound testosterone to free testosterone. Right?

What Kind Of Benefits do You Get From Increasing Testosterone?

Unless you are deciding to become an advantage-level monk, optimum Testosterone can be helpful for you. People think that optimum testosterone only helps libido and muscles, but they’re wrong because it’s also numerous psychological and cognitive benefits.

And don’t worry, when you have an optimum amount of Testosterone, you won’t be “out of control,” You will become more confident in yourself and comfortable, as well as in a controlled state, while less anxiety and depression.

You are probably aware of some of the direct advantages of increased testosterone levels; however, I will inform you of some advantages that will come as a nice surprise.

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Better Mood: Testosterone Fights Depression 

Depression is common, and Hormonal imbalance is the factor that leads to depressive symptoms in most men.

In both men and women, low testosterone (low T) can produce various physical and mental symptoms, including depression. This mostly occurs among older men.

Scientists have shown that when males suffering from depression are given testosterone therapy, their mood and optimism increase dramatically. This is important because Testosterone is not the main “key” factor in depression, but there is research support that it can be.

Furthermore, studies reveal that elevated testosterone levels are among the strongest barriers to succumbing to depression.

However, the research showed that Testosterone therapy boosts BDNF protein levels in female HVC, and BDNF injected into adult female HVC triples the number of new neurons. (source) 

Muscle Mass May Be Increased By Testosterone.

The optimum kind of Testosterone can support better recovery up to %40 percent, which leads to fighting for Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), better immunity, reduced cortisol as well as inflammatory cytokine body trigger other genetic messengers.

As all of us know that muscles grow when we exercise under the right kinds of physical stress. And the body-building community is aware that testosterone promotes muscular hypertrophy as well as boosts power output.

Testosterone helps development by increasing muscle-protein synthesis; plus, when you combine a higher protein diet and Glutamine, you can improve your muscle tone and recovery process for sure.  

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Testosterone Boosts Libido

Libido is an important step for sexuality and stimulates orgasm and our libido is directly related to our testosterone levels.

Studies show that sexual experience can enhance our rate of neurogenesis while easing us against the harmful effects of a short burst of cortisol. This is great because the quality of sex matters, not just for us as well as our partner.

Have you ever experienced a decline in sexual desire or arousal? If this is the case, low testosterone is most likely the cause; a loss of libido is often considered one of the most typical symptoms of low testosterone sufferers.

Even though there are other causes of decreased libido, Increasing testosterone levels is a great method to combat this and recapture your sexual aggression.

The best way to improve your libido is to balance your cortisol level by optimizing Melatonin sleep hormones because elevated cortisol levels may decrease testosterone, lowering sex drive in both men and women. (source)

 The Best way to ensure your lower cortisol is to do daily meditation, Wim Hof breathing, magnesium and B6, Adaptogens, and deep sleep. 

You can check this: Adaptogen Made Simple: What You Need to Know.

Testosterone Improves Erection Power.

Erection power is important because, honestly, as a man, you can feel more confident while intimate. Better erections can reduce Sexual Performance Anxiety for most of us.

Optimum Testosterone level can support an erection power. You’ll notice an increase in the power of your erections and your ejaculations, as well as performance and satisfaction during sex. Isn’t it good?


But, i know that some people tend to have porn-induced erectile dysfunction because of overuse of pornography and erotic videos.

Stopping watching pornography as much as possible to enhance the dopamine receptors and reward system will eventually lower the risk of porn-induced erectile dysfunctions. 

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Don’t forget that Porn is a form of entertainment that affects your physical and mental health. There are research shows that people could experience Porn-induced erectile dysfunction.

Plus, sexual dysfunction—usually in the form of ED—is one of the most widely reported side effects of extensive porn consumption. (source)

The Following Are Symptoms Pf Porn-Induced Erectile Dysfunction (PIED):

  • You have no sexual dysfunction with porn, but problems start when a try to have intimacy with your partner.
  • You can acquire and hold an erection with real-world partners, but the climax takes a long time.
  • When you replay pornographic clips in your head, you can only climax with a real-life partner.
  • Pornography is more appealing to you than real-life sexuality as well as more satiety.
  • Your real-life lover says that you appear disjointed when you’re making love.

The impact of porn on your sex life is similar to substance abuse. While the effects of porn on men can be mild, you may still experience the same problems if you continue to watch porn.

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Chronic pornography leads us to more frequent masturbations and ejaculations, in which elevated prolactin levels decrease men’s testosterone levels.

Lastly, a neuroscientist at Cambridge University looked at brain scans of men who thought they were addicted to porn and saw changes in their gray matter that were similar to changes in the brains of people who were addicted to drugs.

Testosterone Supports Bones

Bone density and health may not be at the top of your list of worries and reasons for increasing testosterone, but it is an important advantage you should be aware of.

According to studies, testosterone is essential for the functionality and health of bones. By boosting testosterone, bone mineralization is stimulated, leading to an increase in bone density.

As previously said, this may not be a problem for you at this time, but consider the ramifications this may have as you age.

Your future self expresses gratitude.

  • Testosterone Improves Courage A connection that has often appeared in research detailing what occurs when An boost in Test levels increases one’s confidence. When testosterone levels are up, so does a man’s self-confidence. Whether This results from the physical consequence of testosterone production or is a side effect. Your body and mind becoming stronger have not yet been demonstrated.
  • Testosterone enhances mental capacity. Our mental capacity is directly related to how mitochondria work because most of the energy is used by the “hippocampus” area. Yet, a good amount of testosterone will help better mitochondrial formations, leading to better cognition, energy level, and protein synthesis. 

Natural Methods to Triple Your Testosterone

Improve & Increase Your Sleep

One of the simplest ways to significantly improve your health and your testosterone levels is to get more quality sleep. The majority of testosterone production occurs while the body is asleep. (source) Also, the more you deep sleep, the more you have growth hormones because growth hormone surge is largely sleep-dependent hormones.   

Many studies have shown increase in cortisol levels during the nighttime period of total sleep deprivation and in the prolonged wakefulness

Male testosterone levels dropped by 10–15% after five hours of sleep. This shows that sleep is directly correlated to testosterone levels. 

More information: Can Testosterone Hormone Effect Sleep Quality? 

Thus, by increasing the quality of sleep, you will give your more chance for the body has to repair itself while producing testosterone.

it’s best to avoid EMF and Wifi radiation as well as avoid blue light before sleep. They are suppressed Melatonin production can cause sleep problems and insomnia . Long-term exposure to EMF may cause depression, stress, anxiety, and poor sleep ,which might cause lower testosterone.

Effects of Electromagnetic Field Exposure on Male Fertility

We are fighting the enemy that we can’t see, but it’s hurt our fertility. This is called: “Electromagnetic Field Radiation.” If you don’t think it’s isn’t a serious problem, think again.

In one study, sperm exposed to EMFs had fewer antioxidants and an 85 percent increase in free radicals. So, guys, we are killing our “potential” kid, this exposure.

Sperm are some of the highest energy consumers in the body—their little mitochondria are pumping at full power to provide energy for their one-time race to an egg. Anyway, there are some things, such as grounding, that can help and improve the ability to handle EMF.

Boost Mitochondria For Optimum Testosterone

Most people are unaware that your mitochondria are responsible for all your steroid hormones, such as testosterone and estrogen as well as the sleep hormone melatonin.

Improving mitochondrial function boosts testosterone, and eventually, this leads to reduces oxidative stress in the brain. Mitochondria even can create ATP to fuel our emotional regulation center called “hippocampus,” which better responds to emotional stress, and depression.

Don’t think that boosting Mitochondria is a difficult thing without money for supplements or lifestyle.

For that, I wrote a beautiful article on how to boost your mitochondrial health without money and support your health.

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Boost Your Healthy Fat Intake Such Us Butter

Eating a diet low in carbohydrates and fat makes your metabolism more flexible because your body uses ketones and fats as fuel. A ketogenic diet has been around for more than 100 years. It was first used to help people who couldn’t stop having seizures. (source)

Ketones are fats that dissolve in water and help heal tissues. Foods like grass-fed butter and coconut oil can help raise ketones. Yet, fatty acids are an essential source of energy because your mitochondria produce ATP more effectively from fat than from sugar.

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According to a preliminary study, consuming a high-fat diet may improve your testosterone levels. Early research showed that males on the ketogenic diet substantially increased total testosterone levels. (source)

This is why the ketogenic diet enhances mitochondrial functions and improves fat intake. 

Adaptogens Herbs And Supplements

it’s best to take a holistic approach when it comes to stress management. Besides Meditation and Sleep, certain supplements called: “Adaptogen” can help to ease stress as well as improve stress resistance.

Ashwagandha and Rhodiola Rosea are two adaptogenic herbs used for that, and they can relieve anxiety, enhance sleep quality and boost mood.

Besides, some adaptogens promote athlete health by improving energy transfer and efficiency—making better use of oxygen, carbohydrates, fats, and proteins at the cellular level. 

For Optimum Testosterone, Vitamin D3 Crucial

Vitamin D3 is a well-known vitamin I’ve long recommended because it has many beneficial impacts on the body.

Given that Vitamin D works as a steroid hormone in the body and activates your Vitamin D-sensitive genes, which increase muscle building, you can understand why sunlight is so vital to testosterone.

High dosage vitamin D3 supplementation is a good approach to imitate the advantages of sun exposure. Hence, this is the first supplement you will utilize strategies to triple your testosterone naturally. But, Vitamin D only works if you have a deficiency. For that, check out our Vitamin D levels, and make sure it’s not in range.

Combine Magnesium with Vitamin-D because our body needs Magnesium for vitamin D metabolism.

Men’s Iron Overload Causes Erectile Dysfunction.

Most of us don’t become aware that iron overload damages us. There are research shows that Iron-related liver damage could affect erection, sperm quality, and libido, as well as dopamine levels, which are crucial for optimal testosterone and libido for men.

People tend to focus on iron deficiency, but in reality, iron overload might be a more common problem and a lot more dangerous than iron deficiency anemia. Why? Because there is no obvious effective iron elimination pathway (some supplements might be helpful), almost all adult males and postmenopausal women are at risk for iron excess.

Let’s check it out some of the symptoms related iron-overload:

  • Fatigue (feeling tired a lot).
  • General weakness
  • Erectile Dysfunctions (iron toxicity may cause erectile dysfunction (impotence), lack of sex desire in males, and menstrual cycle absence in women.)
  • Brain Fog

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How To Get Rid of Excess Iron

Luckily, we can get rid of excess iron with simple techniques.

Elimiting excess iron can be helpful for men’s and women’s health and improve erectile functions, sexuality, hormones, and mitochondrial health. Here are the tips:

  • Reduce heme iron intake, and red meat will help overcome and prevent iron toxicity
  • Exercise: Exercise can help you use excess iron for mitochondrial energy, and the body and muscles utilize more iron while exercising and sweating.
  • Milk Thistle: According to studies, milk thistle may reduce ferritin levels, improve liver health, and address other issues related to iron overload. Milk thistle polyphenols, such as silymarin and silybin, have been demonstrated to aid liver function and promote health. Milk thistle also helps to boost glutathione production, eliminating other heavy metal toxins.
  • Drink Black Tea: A cup of tea or coffee inhibits iron absorption by 75-80% and vice versa. Black tea also helps feed good bacteria, and Black tea molecules that remain in the digestive tract promote the development of good bacteria and the production of microbial metabolites that control energy metabolism.
  • Donate blood: The best strategy for optimizing your iron level and helping others is donating blood. On average, you can give 20% of your iron in just one session of blood donation, which will help to overcome iron overload.

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How Can You Tell If Your Testosterone Is Low?

A deficiency in testosterone can result in lower levels of energy as well as fatigue. A person can experience feelings of fatigue even after getting a sufficient amount of rest, or they may develop a decreased interest in physical activity or exercise. Also, low testosterone levels may affect sexual arousal; sex drive could go down, and you might develop erectile dysfunction (ED).


Following only one or two of these tactics will result in increased testosterone and boost your “right” way. Right?

We saw that Testosterone deficiency, especially in men, can be problematic if it’s not addressed. If you to decide implement your life just simple health strategies I provided – accomplish this, and I guarantee you will feel unstoppable.

I teach people about the biohacks and science of optimizing their health and performance. I like to write about Philosophy, Biohacks, Supplements, and Spiritual information supported by science.